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Managing Hep C in Primary Care

Direct-Acting Antiviral agents (DAAs) can be prescribed by GPs and nurse practitioners. These primary care providers can also manage the hepatitis C screening and treatment in primary care settings. 

Most hepatitis C treatments will only need 3 visits to your GP (General Practitioner) over the course of 3 months as well as a follow up test. 

SWSPHN supports primary health care providers in managing hepatitis C through regular education and training. 

Providers can find Education, training and support in treating hepatitis B and C here.

  • Complex cases that should see a specialist include:
  • Cirrhotic / advanced liver disease
  • Co-infection with HBV, HIV or complex co-morbidities
  • Concurrent chronic kidney disease
  • Anyone who has been treated for hepatitis C before
  • Patients under 18