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Credentialed Mental Health Nurse Service

The Credentialed Mental Health Nurse Service (CMHNS) CMHNS provides interventions and care coordination for people with severe and complex mental illness, that significantly impacts their day-to-day life.


What is the CMHNS?

The CMHNSCMHNS is a free Program program that supports people living with a severe and complex mental illness. The Program provides:

  • Regular reviewing of your mental health and recovery goals.
  • Care coordination of clinical services and other relevant mental health support services.
  • Ongoing contribution to your planning and care.
  • Therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Strengths Based Therapy, mindfulness and motivational interviewing.
  • Administration and monitoring of medications.
  • Liaison with your family and friends if you wish for them to be involved in your care.
  • Information on physical health care, including assessment and management if you are at risk of metabolic syndrome.
  • General health and wellbeing education.


Who can access the CMHNS?

The Credentialed Mental Health Nurse Service is for people 15 years and over (or 12 years if receiving services from a headspace centre) living, working or studying in South Western Sydney who;

  • Have been diagnosed with a severe and complex mental illness or have had symptoms for a long period which impacts their day to day functioning, and;
  • Are impacted significantly in their social, personal and work life as a result of their mental illness, and;
  • Have been to hospital at least once for treatment of their mental illness, or are at risk of needing hospitalisation in the future, and;
  • Are expected to need ongoing treatment and support over the next 1-2 years.

How to refer the CMHNS

A GP or other mental health professionals and services can refer to the CMHNS by completing an SWSPHN Mental Health referral form, choosing from the options below.

 A Mental Health Treatment Plan is required within the first four session hours.

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