Our purpose

South Western Sydney PHN is a not-for-profit health organisation dedicated to supporting general practitioners, practice nurses and other primary health providers to deliver the best possible care for their patients and improve access to quality local health care for the whole community.

Servicing seven local government areas of Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Camden, Wollondilly and Wingecarribee, South Western Sydney PHN (SWSPHN) is one of 31 primary health networks across Australia aiming to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health services delivered in our region.

We do this by working with local health professionals and our communities to understand the health care needs and service gaps of our region. Through planning and consultation we work at the system level to improve access to primary care services and health outcomes for patients, particularly those in our community at risk of poor health outcomes.

We play an important role in linking GPs, practice nurses, other primary health providers, hospitals and aged care, ensuring care is integrated and is shaped around the needs of the person receiving the care.

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Our priorities

The Commonwealth Government has identified seven key priority areas for PHNs to focus their work towards and four national headline indicators.

Our priorities

Our culture

We thrive on creating and maintaining a flexible and inclusive work environment and we are committed to providing opportunities for employees to learn and develop both personally and professionally. We are an organisation that values trust, empathy, courage, fairness, integrity and optimism, with colleagues who are friendly, supportive and eager to take on challenges as a team.

  • Vision

    Better health for South Western Sydney.

  • Mission

    Enhancing and connecting care to meet our local health needs.

  • Service Standard

    To support and shape primary care services so all residents in our region can access the right care, at the right time, by the right people, at the right location.

Our Strategic goals

  • A healthier & more enabled community
    • Empowering relevant self-management strategies according to need
    • Developing innovative models that ensure quality care is delivered
    • Partnering with our communities to ensure person-centred care
  • A better health system experienced by General Practitioners & Primary Care Providers
    • Strengthening health literacy to help the community make better informed decisions
    • Providing access to timely & relevant resources & comms
    • Engaging GPs & PCPs to ensure fit for purpose systems that contribute to improved health outcomes
  • An integrated health system that is fit for purpose
    • Supporting & contributing value to our key stakeholders’ initiatives where priorities are well-aligned
    • Effectively linking primary & hospital providers for improved continuity of care
    • Establishing multi sectorial partnerships that support the integration of health care
  • Primary health care that demonstrates value
    • Developing evidence-based models of care for vulnerable & hard to reach population groups relevant to identified needs
    • Implementing a system for ongoing provider learning, development & diversification
    • Monitoring & evaluating the performance of procured services to ensure demonstrable cost effectiveness, sustainability & scalability
  • A trusted & socially responsible organisation
    • Systematically shaping service supply to align with both national priorities & the SWS Joint Needs Assessment
    • Providing strong corporate governance with public resources
    • Acting as a trusted custodian for investigating, linking, tracking & analysing key data
    • Being an organisation committed to learning through quality systems & business certification

Our Values

  • Trust

    Maintain mutual respect for one another and act in good faith

  • Empathy

    Gather insights and understandings of others’ experiences

  • Courage

    Strength to lead and innovate

  • Fairness

    Make decisions free from bias and discrimination

  • Integrity

    Behave honestly and accept responsibility for one’s conduct

  • Optimism

    Present a positive and constructive approach to future events

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

South Western Sydney PHN is committed to quality management and holds ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification. South Western Sydney PHN promotes a culture of continual improvement which is embedded into the systems, frameworks, policies and processes that support all activities undertaken to achieve our objectives.