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Lifeline Crisis Support Suicide Aftercare Program


The Lifeline Crisis Support Suicide Aftercare Program offers free short-term telephone crisis support to people (over 18 years of age) in South Western Sydney who have attempted suicide. 

Lifeline Crisis Supporters make phone calls to monitor an individual’s wellbeing and help keep the person connected. 

Lifeline Crisis Supporters are accredited and experienced. The program aligns with national and state mental health reforms and suicide prevention priorities. This is a non-clinical service.


The program is suitable for people who are:

  • Recently discharged from hospital following a suicide attempt
  • Assess as able to benefit from short-term telephone support.
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Clients fitting the above criteria who have limited accessible support and/or resources.

This program is unsuitable for people who are likely to need emergency intervention due to heightened suicidal risk, and people experiencing psychiatric symptoms such as psychosis or dissociation which would prevent them from engaging constructively in the program.

How to access the Lifeline Crisis Support Suicide Aftercare Program

Self referral

If you are currently experiencing a crisis in your life and you feel you may benefit from short-term support from a trained Telephone Crisis Supporter, please contact the program coordinator. If you are not linked in with a health care professional the Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter will explore options with you and offer referrals to ongoing support.

Phone: 02 4645 7200 or 13 11 14

Email: [email protected]




GP referrals

To refer your patient to the Lifeline Crisis Support Suicide Aftercare Program download the referral for linked below and follow the instructions of the form to fax or email your referral.

Discuss this referral with the Suicide Prevention Team Leader on 02 4645 7212,

Or email [email protected].

Lifeline Suicide Aftercare Program Referral Form [PDF | 2 pages | 109kb]

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