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Consultant Psychiatry Service

The Consultant Psychiatry Service provides access to psychiatrists for people with severe and persistent mental illness, as well as support to GPs in treating and managing their care.



People living with severe and persistent mental health issues who require support from a psychiatrist, however currently face barriers in accessing psychiatrists, as well as their treating GP.


Service access

Access to a consultant psychiatrist for both eligible patients and their treating GP.
An appointment is typically 55 minutes. This includes 40-45 minutes of therapy with the consumer and 10-15 minutes to support the GP with any care planning and prescriptions.

General Practices also have access to capacity building sessions, including webinars. GPs may contact the service for brief advice on patients already accessing the service.



Referral by GP and a GP mental health treatment plan is required following the first three sessions.

GPs can access the Consultant Psychiatry Service through  SWSPHN Central Intake on 1300 797 746.
(Or fax referrals to: 4623 1796)

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