Delivering on our vision of a healthier population with better access to quality health services requires strong linkages, meaningful engagement, collaboration and long-term partnerships.

South Western Sydney PHN works closely with public, private and non-government organisations across the sector to enable the collective sharing of evidence, local knowledge and business intelligence by key stakeholders in a bid to counter fragmentation in the health system.

Locally we partner with the South Western Sydney Local Health District and Wollondilly and Fairfield Councils to run the Wollondilly Health Alliance and Fairfield Health Alliance respectively.

On a regional level we are a proud partner in the Western Sydney Health Alliance, a collaboration between neighbouring PHN Nepean Blue Mountains, five local councils in western and south western Sydney and the South Western Sydney Local Health District.
With a focus on ensuring local communities are actively involved in the development and provision of health services that affect them, the alliances are our commitment to see health service integration delivered across three levels of government.

No Wrong Door

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The No Wrong Door initiative brings together a diverse range of government, non-government and community managed organisations (CMOs) to achieve the mutual aim of reducing barriers and enhancing support for people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs, their carers and families across South Western Sydney.

The No Wrong Door initiative was created as a response to the repeat experiences that are reported by people in the community of endless closed doors when trying to navigate the system and seek support.

The initiative brings organisations together in a coordinated and collaborative way via the No Wrong Door Mental Health Charter, which focuses on four key principles that these organisations:

  • Acknowledge that people with mental illness are entitled to human rights that inform all service delivery
  • Acknowledge the barriers to social and service inclusion for people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs and that they will require extra resources and skills to ensure they do not fall through the gaps
  • Use recovery oriented practices
  • Actively participate in creating an integrated and coordinated service system for people’s mental health and recovery

Western Sydney Health Alliance

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The Western Sydney Health Alliance is a 20-year partnership deal between three levels of government which aims to transform greater Western Sydney through investment and planning reform, improved access to health, employment, housing and education and improve liveability for residents.

The partnership between SWSPHN, the South Western Sydney Local Health District and five councils within our region, the Nepean Blue Mountains PHN, the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District and three council’s within that region is focusing on four priorities: getting people active; access to healthy food; liveability and connections; and access to health and wellbeing services.

SWSPHN has joined Nepean Blue Mountains PHN in taking the lead on the Access to Health and Wellbeing Services Working Group.

Fairfield Health Alliance

The Fairfield Health Alliance aims to address the unique health needs of the one of Australia’s most diverse local government areas, where close to 70 per cent of the population speaks a language other than English at home.

Formed in 2018, the alliance is a partnership between South Western Sydney PHN, South Western Sydney Local Health District and Fairfield City Council that aims to develop localised, effective solutions to reduce the burden of chronic disease, lead disease prevention and tackle health inequities in Fairfield local government area.

Focus areas for the Fairfield Health Alliance include:

  • Reducing gambling harm with health-based interventions
  • Building the capacity of general practice to reduce the burden of hepatitis B and C
  • Reducing antibiotic over-prescribing through community education and primary care capacity building
  • Addressing and improving mental health literacy and reducing stigma related to mental health
  • Improving access to diabetes interventions for better early detection and management of the disease

Wollondilly Health Alliance

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The Wollondilly Health Alliance, formed in 2014, is a formal partnership formed between three levels of government to explore and address health care access issues in the Wollondilly Shire.

Foundation and partner organisations – South Western Sydney PHN, South Western Sydney Local Health District and Wollondilly Shire Council – work with non-government organisations, private industry and general practice to create a better serviced and healthier Wollondilly community.

The alliance focuses on six key areas including:

  • Future planning for health services aligned to predicted population increase
    Better sharing of patient health information
  • Improving access to community health services
  • Increasing community awareness about local health care services and treatment options
  • Attracting and retaining health professionals
    Preventative health