08 March 2024

Harmony Week, celebrated from 18 to 24 March, celebrates multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion.

Foster cultural safety and inclusivity by using the below links:

Translated information for your patients

Health Resource Directory

Health Resource Directory (HRD) is a collection of easy-to-understand health factsheets which have been formulated under strict clinical guidelines. Factsheets include information about local support and health services, and are available in English, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese and Arabic. HRD also includes webpages with reliable health information for people who have been diagnosed with a health condition. You can find links to the directory in the For Patient information section of most HealthPathways clinical pages. Visit Health Resource Directory.


HealthPathways is a quick and simple-to-use online clinical decision tool with information on:

  • management and treatment options for clinical conditions
  • educational resources for patients
  • referral information for local services and specialists

Some of the many relevant HealthPathways pages include: