05 February 2024

Select pharmacies across South Western Sydney have volunteered to stock core medicines to support health professionals and carers to provide palliative care for people who wish to die at home or in an aged care setting.

SWSPHN commissioned the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia to deliver the Core Palliative Care Medicines – Building collaborative partnerships with Community Pharmacists project.

The project aims to minimise access barriers and facilitate timely prescription, supply and use of medicines for end-of-life symptom management.

The core palliative care medicines list addresses the main symptoms commonly seen during end-of-life – pain, delirium, nausea, dyspnoea, and noisy breathing.

Where clinically appropriate, prescribers should consider prescribing medicines from the list for patients who wish to die at home or in an aged care setting.

Visit our website to find:

  • what medicines are being stocked
  • which pharmacies stock those medicines