22 May 2024
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One in five children in South Western Sydney are at risk of poor language outcomes.

The importance of language skills

Language skills are needed to understand and communicate across different environments. A child’s early language skills are predictive of long-term outcomes.

The harm of ‘watching and waiting’

Watching and waiting will not rectify a language delay. Instead, it will prevent children from accessing critical early intervention.

 It’s more important than ever to refer early, as waiting times in both public and private services are growing.

Instead: screen and act

Every consultation is an opportunity to screen a child’s communication. In addition to the Blue Book, you can use this screening checklist to identify when needs a referral to a speech pathologist

These articles are written by members of the ‘Stronger Seeds, Taller Trees’ project which includes professionals from a number of government and non-government organisations in South Western Sydney. The group aims to support GPs working with families to navigate and access timely services when they have a concern about a child’s development.