01 August 2023

Mandeep (Mandy) Dosanjh (pictured right) has been a practice nurse for just six months, but she is already dedicated to her role at Walker Street General Practice, Bowral. Her ideal day is when she can conjure a smile on the faces of her elderly and youngest patients. Mandeep was drawn to nursing after hearing stories about her great grandmother who served as a nurse in World War II.

How long have you been a practice nurse and how long have you been working in the Wingecarribee LGA? 

I have been a practice nurse for six months and have been working in nursing for almost five years.

When/why did you decide to pursue a career in nursing and specifically in primary care? 

I decided from school age, as I used to see how nurses care for people so gently. I did a Diploma of Nursing in my home country and then advanced with a Bachelor Degree at Western Sydney University.

Tell us about the role of nurses in primary care

Day-to-day: I check on the care of our regular patients and make sure they are keeping on track with their lifestyle. If changes are needed, then I encourage them; childhood vaccinations and adding reminders to the system so they don’t forget their next one; wound care, both acute and chronic; COVID-19 vaccines; BMI checks; flu vaxes.

What do you love about nursing/what do you find most fulfilling about your role?

I love everything about nursing. It starts with caring for old people when they need our care and respect. I just love taking care of their wounds and the ageing process, to help them where needed to feel more independent without them realising that’s what I’m doing.

Tell me about your ideal workday

For me each day is ideal, but I can be more fulfilled by making both my elderly patients and the little ones finish with a smile on their face. I remember one day my patient felt so good after talking about his wife whom he had lost a couple of years before. I just listened to him sharing his memories with me, without focusing on my care plan completion.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

If at work, I love cleaning and stocking up to make it easy for all. If at home, I enjoy cleaning, listening to calm music and cooking.

Do you have any role models and why?

My great grandmother was a nurse and served in World War II. I used to hear stories from my mother, it created a picture of her and I started to like nursing. I wanted to be a good nurse like her.

How do you help educate your patients about maintaining good health?

Just to keep up the physical activities as much as they can tolerate, intake of good fibre and less sugar, listen to good news instead of negative, drink more water than sugary drinks, just keep moving and stay positive as much as possible.