16 August 2022
New artwork by Danielle Mate

SWSPHN commissioned Aboriginal artist, Danielle Mate (pictured with SWSPHN CEO, Dr Keith McDonald PhD), to create a new artwork for the foyer of our new office at Level 2, 1 Bolger Street, Campbelltown.

The artwork, called Moving Forward, represents our organisation’s continuing journey towards reconciliation, and better understanding, acknowledging and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their cultures.

Here is the story:

  • The circles within circles represent a meeting place, common ground which is SWSPHN
  • The journey lines depict the continuous work SWSPHN is doing to understand, acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their cultures
  • The U shapes symbolise people. The different shapes and sizes show we are all individuals, men and women, working together, inclusive
  • The blue roots anchor the team and are fundamental to growth