18 June 2024

The Safer Families Centre is encouraging GPs to enrol in self-paced modules on child and elder abuse for tips and resources on how to be more ready to respond to warning signs of abuse which your patients might be exhibiting.

The Identifying and Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect module teaches practical ways to strengthen your skills in identifying and responding to child abuse and neglect and outlines how to respond safely and appropriately to children and their families and determine when reporting is mandated.

It illustrates key challenges in responding to child abuse and neglect within the practice environment and guides you on selecting methods and resources for seeking support for yourself.

The Six Steps to Support you to Assess and Respond to Elder Abuse module looks at the nature, severity, and impact of abuse of older people and explains how to recognise the risk factors, types and signs.

It describes barriers and enablers for seeking help, and strategies to identify and safely respond to older patients experiencing abuse or violence.