09 June 2023
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More imperative than ever, early mental health assessments and support for children and young people should be provided to prevent unnecessary long-term impacts.

Many families visit their GP frequently, and these consultations present the ideal opportunity for early intervention.

As a result of COVID-19, many GPs have become pressed for time, however, GP’s skills and knowledge are crucial in supporting children’s mental health, especially infants and toddlers.

Australia’s Emerging Minds provides an evidence-informed guide created specifically for GPs.

This article includes links to brief videoclips, podcasts and e-learning courses on conducting child mental health assessments. 

Early intervention and referral by GPs can prevent progression of a mental health condition, critically contributing to children’s future wellbeing.

Southwest Sydney Paediatric Clinics


Infant Child Adolescent Mental Health Service (ICAMHS)

  • Liverpool/Fairfield:

Phone: 9827 8011/8717 1700


  • Bankstown:

Phone: 9780 2777


  • Macarthur/Campbelltown

Phone: 4621 5000


SWSPHN STAR4Kids Providers (3 to 12 years)

  • Camden, Wollondilly and Wingecarribee: AT Full Potential Psychology

Phone: 4655 1694

  • Liverpool: Mission Australia

Phone: 9732 6500

  • Bankstown/Fairfield: ProActive Psychology

Phone: 9796 3925/9727 7752

  • Campbelltown: Sparrow Centre for Children

Phone: 0417 469 800


Family Mental Health Support Services

  • Liverpool: Mission Australia – Happy Healthy Minds

Phone: 9732 6500

  • Fairfield: Woodville Alliance

Phone: 9724 3807

  • Bankstown: Break Thru People Solutions

Phone: 8700 1400

  • Campbelltown: The Benevolent Society

Phone: 4633 3777



This article was written by members of the ‘Stronger Seeds, Taller Trees’ project which includes professionals from a number of government and non-government organisations in South Western Sydney. The group aims to support GPs working with families to navigate and access timely services when they have a concern about a child’s development.