31 October 2023

Dr Vincent Roche, of Southern Medical Moss Vale, has been working in the Wingecarribee region for almost 40 years, and loves the clean air, limited traffic and active outdoor lifestyle it offers. As a country GP, he finds it “really special” when his work spans the generations – delivering babies to doing palliative care within an extended family.

How long have you been a GP and how long have you been practising in the Wingecarribee LGA? 

37 years.

When/why did you decide you wanted to become a GP? 

After spending two to three years working in the hospital system as Resident Medical Officer (RMO).

What do you love most about being a GP/what part of the job gives you the most satisfaction?

The longitudinal care a GP can give a family throughout their lives and across several generations is pretty amazing! To deliver babies and do palliative care within extended families is really special.

What is the most important thing you/your practice contributes to this community? 

To help our patients become more health literate and take responsibility for their own health.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

What is spare time?! Just joking! Bushwalking, cycling, mountain biking, volunteering as a senior official in equestrian sport.

What do you love most about Wingecarribee?

Four clear seasons. Clean air. Not too much traffic. Small enough to know a good number (but not all) of people. Lots of National Park.

What advice do you give your patients about maintaining good health?

Take responsibility for your own health. Eat healthy stuff. Exercise most days. Do stuff for other people.