08 May 2024
GP Link Chair, Dr Kenneth McCroary

Welcome to GP Link Lunches!

As part of its ongoing GP advocacy work, Sydney South West GP Link has developed the GP Link Lunches Q&A series. 

GP Link Chair, Dr Kenneth McCroary, has initiated a series of meetings with clinical, political and/or GP focused individuals or organisations to discuss issues facing GPs working in our region and talk about local solutions.

Dr McCroary speaks with:

Megan Tremlett, a senior consulting pharmacist with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, about the Core Palliative Care Medicines – Building Collaborative Partnerships with Community Pharmacists project.

Read the interview – 22 May 2024


Bianca Lean, SWSPHN Primary Care Workforce Manager, about the challenges and opportunities for South Western Sydney’s primary care workforce, and her role as SWSPHN COVID Response co-ordinator during the height of the pandemic.

Read the interview – 15 May 2024


Dr Renuka Shanmugalingam, a nephrologist and obstetric medicine physician, about new guidelines from the Society of Obstetric Medicine Australia and New Zealand (SOMANZ).

Read the interview – 17 April 2024


Dr Nhung Nguyen Nguyen, a consultant cardiologist, about her passion for working with patients to optimise their cardiovascular health and maintain wellness, and using the latest clinical evidence to provide excellent patient care.

Read the interview – 17 January 2024


Dr James Zhang about his work in the long COVID and post COVID general practice management space.

Read the interview – 6 December 2023


Xanthe Sansome, the National Program Director at Advance Care Planning Australia, about increasing the awareness and uptake of advance care planning across Australia.

Read the interview – 8 November 2023


Slavica Krstic, a paediatric clinical nurse specialist in weight management at South Western Sydney Local Health District, about the Growing Healthy Kids in South West Sydney project.

Read the interview – 13 September 2023


Professor Penny Abbott, the new Head of General Practice at Western Sydney University, about the undergraduate medical curricula and the decrease in interest from students in training as GPs.

Read the interview – 9 August 2023


SWSPHN program advisor, Gautami Motupally, who works primarily in our COVID team which involves program design and implementation relating to improving COVID health outcomes, with a focus on vulnerable communities.

Read the interview – 2 August 2023


UK medical student Rhianna Monahan. Rhianna is gaining valuable experience in general practice in Australia during a six-week term at Macarthur General Practice in Campbelltown. They spoke about her experiences so far, what medical training in the UK is like, the challenges presented by COVID-19, and the differences between practising medicine in the UK and Australia.

Read the interview – 12 July 2023


Southern Highlands GP, Dr Fiona Mackintosh, about her personal experience with COVID-19 infection and long COVID symptoms.

Read the interview – 21 June 2023


GP, Dr Mary Beth MacIsaac, about her experiences in the multiple GP roles she has performed, including her time with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Read the interview – 31 May 2023

GP Sceptics Podcast


GP, Dr Andrew Knight, who is a staff specialist at the South Western Sydney Primary and Integrated Care Unit, a conjoint Senior lecturer at the University of NSW and was chair of National Prescribing Services Medicine Wise – The National Prescribing Service.

Read the interview – 17 May 2023


Hume MP and Shadow Treasurer, Angus Taylor, about the challenges facing general practice and the health system more broadly.

Read the interview – 3 May 2023


Dr Antonio Di Dio, acting Director of the Professional Services Review, about the organisation.

Read the interview – 26 April 2023


Dr Ai-Vee Chua, GP Principal of Dubbo Family Doctors, who has been a rural GP for more than 20 years. Dr Chua is also the Senior Clinical Editor for Western NSW HealthPathways. They spoke about issues including working in a rural setting, her roles with the AMA the RACGP and NSW Health, and coping with COVID-19.

Read the interview – 12 April 2023


Dr Soo Wei Foo, head of the department of respiratory and sleep medicine at Campbelltown Hospital, about the growth of the department, environmental impacts on our lungs, the unique challenges of healthcare in South Western Sydney and her experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the interview – 5 April 2023


Katie Tunks about Griefline, which offers a variety of services to provide help-seekers with access to free grief support and resources, and how COVID-19 has impacted demand for the service.

Read the interview – 29 March 2023


Dr Tom Lieng about what the future holds for general practice. This interview follows up last week’s article about the closure of Dr Lieng’s Ingleburn GP clinic and the wider issues impacting the general practice workforce.

Read the interview – 22 March 2023


Dr McCroary has penned an article about the closure of a Macarthur practice and the wider issues impacting the general practice workforce.

Read the article – 15 March 2023


Rick Fitzpatrick from Fitzpatrick and Robertson Accounting Firm about payroll tax.

Read the interview – 8 March 2023


Jenny James, a GP VMO at the South Western Sydney Local Health District’s General Practice Drug and Alcohol Advice and Support Service. They spoke about drug and alcohol services in the region, and the support her service provides local GPs.

Read the interview – 8 February 2023


Karen Booth, president of the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA), about primary healthcare nursing.

Read the interview – 1 February 2023


Practice owner and GP, Dr Antonio Di Dio, about his role in Drs4Drs, particularly with the recent stressors and burdens which have been placed upon GPs and the primary care network across South Western Sydney. Dr Di Dio currently combines general practice with being the Medical Director of the ACT Doctors Health Service and Acting Director of the Professional Services Review.

Read the interview – 25 January 2023


Dr Danielle McMullen, Vice President of the Australian Medical Association and a GP in Sydney’s Inner West. Dr McMullen is the immediate past president of the AMA (NSW). She spoke to Dr McCroary about her role as a trusted voice of doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the interview – 21 December 2022


Rachael Williams, Clinical Nurse Consultant, about palliative care particularly in the aged and in residential aged care.

Read the interview – 14 December 2022


Tracy Jedrzejewski, a clinical midwifery consultant and antenatal shared care specialist, about her role and the importance of the South Western Sydney Antenatal Shared Care Program.

Read the interview – 7 December 2022


Paediatrician and Federal Macarthur MP, Dr Mike Freelander, about his experience with the ALP’s recent transition into government and to highlight some of the significant issues affecting GPs, general practice, primary care and the local community of South Western Sydney.

Read the interview – 30 November 2022


Isabella Sierra, the Physical Health Coordinator for South Western Sydney Local Health District Mental Health Services, about improving communication and relationships between the local health services and primary care in South Western Sydney.

Read the interview – 23 November 2022


Dr Alex Mackey, the Director of Emergency Medicine at Liverpool Hospital, about his understanding of general practice in South Western Sydney and for feedback about his experience working in a busy Emergency Department throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the interview – 9 November 2022


NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, while COVID-19 was still very active in our community in winter this year.

Read the interview – 2 November 2022


AMA President Dr Michael Bonning about his work with both the AMA and GP Synergy, in particular with the transition of general practice training moving towards the two main colleges during the next 12 months. Dr Bonning is a GP involved with the teaching of registrars and medical students in Balmain and the Deputy Chair of GP Synergy. He has a strong interest in doctors’ health and wellbeing and sees many doctors and medical students as patients.

Read the interview – 21 September 2022


Nurse practitioner Tony Hecimovic about his role. Tony oversees the Hospital in The Home Program for South Western Sydney Local Health District. He has been deployed to the COVID Response Team as the Clinical Lead since the beginning of the pandemic where he has provided clinical nursing support to COVID-positive patients at home, staff within the LHD and local doctors within the district.

Read the interview – 17 August 2022


Chair of the RACGP NSW and ACT Faculty Council, Associate Professor Charlotte Hespe for her insights and experience in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic during the past two-and-a half years, and general practice more widely.

Read the interview – 10 August 2022


Western Sydney GP, Dr Walid Jammal, has a strong commitment to quality and safety in healthcare as well as health system policy and reform.

Read the interview – 13 July 2022


Dr Louise Delaney, National Clinical Advisor in Australia for HealthPathways about develop local pathways and COVID management strategies for the rollover to primary care management of the disease.

Read the interview – 31 May 2022 


Dr Carmelo Aquilina, Director of Older People’s Mental Health Service at South Western Sydney Local Health District. He is also involved with the Live Well Project. The interview is about older people’s mental health.

Read the interview – 30 March 2022


SWSPHN Director of Planning and Performance Amy Prince about the EAP for general practice staff and their families.

Read the interview – 15 February 2022


Dr Ahilan Parameswaran and Dr Manoshi Weerasinghe share their insights on the increasing role of GPs in managing COVID-19. The interviews were conducted at the end of last year, just prior to the introduction of the self-management changes on 17 December 2021.

Read the interview with Dr Parameswaran – 14 January 2022

Read the interview with Dr Weerasinghe – 14 January 2022


SWSPHN Clinical Support Co-ordinator Kristina Allen about the New to General Practice Nursing Program.

Read the interview – 9 December 2021


Dr Mike Freelander, paediatrician and Federal Macarthur MP.

Read the interview – 17 November 2021


Dr Angelo Virgona, chair of the NSW branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and medical superintendent at Northside Macarthur Clinic in Campbelltown, about mental health policy.

Read the interview – 6 October 2021


David Simmons, Professor of Medicine at Western Sydney University Macarthur Clinical School, Head of Campbelltown Hospital Endocrinology Department and Director of the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Translation Unit, about diabetes.

Read the interview – 8 September 2021


Kelly Lee, a Clinical Psychologist and Operations Manager of enhanced services within Parramatta Mission, about the Continuing To Be Me (C2bMe) program which is funded by SWSPHN.

Read the interview – 18 August 2021


Dr Murray Wright, Chief Psychiatrist at NSW Health, about mental health issues relating to COVID-19.

Read the interview – November 2020


NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, about COVID-19.

Read the interview – November 2020


Dr Charlotte Hespe, Chair of the RACGP NSW/ACT Faculty Board and Head of General Practice and Primary Care Research at The University of Notre Dame Australia, about the RACGP.

Read the interview – September 2020