07 May 2024

Village Connect is a unique child and family hub designed by Karitane in partnership with Sonder and Uniting to support parents living in South Western Sydney who are pregnant and/or have a child.

The hub brings together child and family health services, key workers and a wide range of resources to ensure parents get the help they need, when they need it.

It aims to improve the confidence and skills of parents in connecting with and raising their child through a range of support services including playgroups, parenting workshops and care navigation services.

Nurses, wellbeing experts, and psychologists also offer parents access to 24/7 confidential medical, safety and mental healthcare support via the Sonder app

Village Connect also offers multilingual support, including:

  • In-app chat: more than 240 languages
  • Phone or video: more than 300 languages via translation service
  • Full App translations: available in Mandarin, Bengali, Cantonese and Thai

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