29 June 2023
the root cause - children's health

SWSPHN is funding a children’s health program aimed at educating and empowering children in South Western Sydney to make better food and sleep choices.

Schools in the region are invited to submit expressions of interest to access a full scholarship with The Root Cause Children’s Health Program (CHP) for 12 months, starting in term four this year.

Applications must be lodged by Friday, 18 August.

The Root Cause is a partnership where entire primary school communities are educated and encouraged to learn and build a positive relationship with food and sleep. Through the program, parents, teachers and children learn about healthy eating and waste.

Five South Western Sydney schools will have an opportunity to participate in the program, which incorporates in-person workshops for students, parents and staff, plus a range of classroom resources, professional development, and an online portal for families to use from home.

Research shows the amount and quality of food eaten by a child has a direct impact on health and well-being, learning, behaviour, resilience and academic results.

This is the first time SWSPHN has linked up with CHP.

During the last decade, The Root Cause has educated more than 59,000 children, parents and teachers from almost 260 schools across Australia.

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