21 February 2024
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The COVID-19 lockdowns have resulted in a cohort of children whose development is delayed.

Young children have had limited access to social interactions and early learning environments during the critical period of their brain development, which has both created and compounded existing developmental delays.

Due to this, the need for early intervention is the highest it’s ever been.

The importance of early intervention

Early intervention is linked with positive outcomes for children.

It can positively impact all aspects of development, including social, physical, communication, cognitive and psychological development.

Referrals: where and how

Early referral to intervention services is crucial in maximising outcomes.

It is more important than ever to refer early as the COVID-19 lockdowns have increased waiting times in both public and private services.

Please consider referring to both public and private services (using Medicare rebate options) so families are offered supports in the timeliest manner.

Download where and how to refer

This article was written by members of the ‘Stronger Seeds, Taller Trees’ project which includes professionals from a number of government and non-government organisations in South Western Sydney. The group aims to support GPs working with families to navigate and access timely services when they have a concern about a child’s development.