21 April 2022

The first step to living a healthy life with HIV and hepatitis C is to get tested. HIV and hepatitis C are treatable health conditions.

If you want to get tested for HIV and/or Hep C and stay anonymous, the dried blood spot (DBS) test is a new, free, easy and private way to test for HIV and hepatitis C.

Just take a few drops of blood from your finger, mail the test back and get your results by phone, text or email.

You don’t need to go to a clinic or see a doctor to do this test.

For more information, to check your eligibility or to get a test sent out to you: 

Home – HIV and Hepatitis C Dried Blood Spot Test (nsw.gov.au)


Downloadable resources:

Infographic for print

Infographic for web

A3 poster

A4 poster

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