18 June 2024

The Transcultural Mental Health Centre has provided the following resources for general practices, following discussions at its recent Transcultural Mental Health care workshop hosted by SWSPHN.


Cross Cultural Mental Health Care (includes links to Kleinman’s Explanatory Model of Illness, the Transcultural Assessment Checklist and DSM Cultural Formulation Interview, and translated screening tools)

Transcultural Mental Health Centre (includes community mental health profile pages, translated resources, bilingual carer groups etc)

Refugee Mental Health Program (includes information about working refugees and asylum seeker populations)


NSW Health Multicultural Communication Health Service (includes technology tools and translated resources)

Embrace Mental Health (includes translated resources)

Self-care related tools 

Professional Quality of Life Scale

The Essential Network for Health Professionals (Black Dog Institute)

Additional information

Invisible wounds of the Israel-Gaza war in Australia  (a journal article by Rees and Moussa)

Flyer: Free public healthcare in NSW for people fleeing the Israel-Gaza conflict (includes information about access to public hospital services free of charge for people fleeing the Israel-Gaza war who arrived in Australia on or after 17 October 2023 on visa subclass 600 (Visitor Visa))