19 May 2022
Danielle Mate artwork for South Western Sydney PHN

Local artist, Danielle Mate, was commissioned to create an artwork that represented the role of South Western Sydney PHN. Here is the story:

The centre oval represents South Western Sydney GPs, practice nurses and other primary care providers.

The large U shape that wraps around the central oval represents the support that PHNs provide to local primary care providers.

The seven segments within this U shape represents the seven local government areas that South Western Sydney PHN supports.

The lines that lead from the centre oval to the community symbolise the role of these primary care providers to ‘feed’ information to their clients and the wider community. The connected shapes are people, each shape is represented differently, to symbolise their individual needs. The outer u-shaped layer around the people show the information building that strengthens them, allowing them to make well informed choices.

Seven background layers represent the national health priorities.

Read more about Danielle Mate at www.daniellemate.com.au