Your practice is invited to participate in WEAR-IT research

21 November 2023

Practices are invited to participate in the Wearables Integrated Technology to support healthy behaviours in people with type 2 diabetes (WEAR-IT) study.

The study will begin in early 2024 and seeks to test integrating feedback from wearable devices to improve dietary and exercise behaviours within a diabetes self-management plan. Wearable devices will measure blood glucose, blood pressure, and physical activity.

Participating practices will receive:

  • $1,000 for recruiting eligible patients for the trial
  • $200 gift voucher for the practice champion, nominated by the practice team, who will be the main contact point of the study

General practices allocated to the INTERVENTION arm of the trial will receive:

  • Payment of up to $2,500 to cover practice nurse time for administering the intervention (target of 13 patients)
  • $200 shopping voucher for each staff member participating in online training
  • $100 shopping voucher for each staff member who participates in interviews

GPs and practice nurses can also claim CPD hours for their involvement in the study.

All patients will receive $20 reimbursement to attend pathology tests and $10 for completing study questionnaires.

Patients from intervention practices will receive free wearables: transdermal blood glucose monitor (Freestyle Libre 2 starter pack plus 2 additional sensors), blood pressure monitor (iHealth wireless BP monitor) and a physical activity monitor (eg Xiaomi Smartband).

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