21 November 2023

GPs across the South Western Sydney can refer to the care finder program using this one-page referral form available as a PDF or templates for Medical Director and Best Practice.  

The aged care system and My Aged Care can be difficult to understand and navigate especially if a person has: 

  • communication and language barriers
  • difficulty processing information due to cognitive decline
  • reluctance to engage with a need for support
  • reluctance to engage with government services

Some older Australians need extra support to navigate the aged care system and use My Aged Care but do not have family, friends, a carer or a representative they are comfortable receiving help from and who is willing and able to help them access aged care services and supports.  

Care finder provides eligible people with tailored, intensive face-to-face support.  

SWSPHN has commissioned six organisations to employ care finders and the Triple III Hub to provide a centralised intake service.

Triple III allocates referrals to the most appropriate care finder organisation which will then contact your patient.  

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