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Why you should get the annual Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander health check

17 June 2022

If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander tell your GP and ask for the free annual 715 health check. The ‘715’ aims to improve the health outcomes of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

The aim of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Check (MBS item 715) is to help ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people receive primary health care matched to their needs, by encouraging early detection, diagnosis and intervention for common and treatable conditions that cause morbidity and early mortality. The health assessment is an annual service and covers the full age spectrum.

Did you know?

  • Having a yearly 715 Health Check is free and takes around 45-60 minutes to complete.
  • The 715 Health Check has been tailored for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all ages.
  • Having your 715 will help you to manage your health and prevent chronic diseases.
  • Having your 715 will also give you access to additional bulk-billed Allied Health Services (including podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitians and more).


Who is eligible for a 715 health check?

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are eligible for an annual 715 health check.


What happens at the 715 health check?

Health checks might be different depending on your age.

Having the health check should take between 40 to 60 minutes. If you are comfortable, your Aboriginal health worker, nurse or GP might check your:

  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar levels
  • height and weight
  • urine
  • blood test

It is also good to tell your GP about your family medical history or any worries you have about your health.

Follow up care

Once you finish the check, your GP, practice nurse or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker might tell you about other ways to help look after your health. They might suggest services to help you with your:

  • heart
  • vision
  • hearing
  • movement
  • mental health

You may also get help with free or discounted medicines you might need. Your GP can give you information about Closing the Gap scripts if you have or at risk of having a chronic disease.


Where can you access a 715 health check?

You can choose where you get your 715 health check, which are free at Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS) and all bulk billing practices.

  • Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service: Location 21 Deans Road, Airds; Phone: 4628 4837
  • Gandangara Health Services: Location 64 Macquarie Street, Liverpool; Phone: 9601 0700

If you can, try to go to the same doctor or clinic regularly. This helps make sure you are being cared for by people who know about your health needs.



Useful links

Your Health is in Your Hands Visit this Department of Health web page to read how having an annual health check supports the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients of all ages.

715 Health Checks (PDF) Download this brochure for more information including frequently asked questions.


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