23 October 2023

Our Digital Health and Data Manager, Nick McGhie, has been awarded the “Best Paper Submission” at the HIMSS APAC 2023 conference in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

The conference in September was hosted by US-based HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and aimed to activate digital transformation and advance digital health capability in the Asia Pacific region.

The award embodies the hard work and dedication Mr McGhie (pictured left), and our entire Digital Health and Data team have put into their goal to improve healthcare coordination, with iRAD, powered by dbMotion, at the heart of their strategy.

The award-winning paper ‘Real-time health information exchange’ focuses on the Integrated Real-Time Active Data (iRAD) tool, designed to revolutionise the real-time exchange of patient information, especially between hospitals and GPs in South Western Sydney. 

Mr McGhie said the presentation was more than just a product pitch but aimed to shed light on the lessons learned, ongoing challenges and their mitigation strategies. 

“I wanted to frame it as an accessible presentation of iRAD. There’s a lot of talk at the moment in Australia but, of course, internationally around health information exchange and how to achieve that,” he said.

iRAD was launched by SWSPHN in 2016, with a vendor selected in 2017. The project was first delivered at five sites in 2019, with more general and specialist practices joining the iRAD program in 2020. iRAD has now seen a significant expansion in scope and impact, with 25 per cent of primary care locations in South Western Sydney using iRAD. 

“The scope of it now, it’s obviously increasing not just in the locations that are connected, but also the patients who are consented – over 20,000 now,” Mr McGhie said. 

SWSPHN’s iRAD project has transformed and improved the sharing of patient information within primary healthcare. 

“Why can’t you see that information?’ We hear it all the time,” Mr McGhie said.

“As patients, we get frustrated when our healthcare providers don’t have our complete health picture, and the frustration is mutual. Our region is diverse, with half the population speaking languages other than English at home, which adds to the challenge.

“Working with Altera, we’ve made a way to ‘share by default.’ Clinicians can now access patients’ information in real-time, even from outside their practice. Patient consent is crucial for this to work,” Mr McGhie said.

The Digital Health and Data team’s recognition at HIMSS APAC 2023 was a collective effort, with each member contributing their skills and showing their commitment to shaping a better future for healthcare data management within our region.