External face-to-face

Talking about suicide in general practice

Wed 12 June - Wed 12 June 2024
External face-to-face
Wed 12 June 2024
Talking about suicide in general practice

Program outline:
The Talking About Suicide in General Practice workshop aims to increase GPs skill and confidence in:

  • recognising presentations where suicide risk is high
  • undertaking a detailed risk assessment
  • management planning using a collaborative, team based approach


Pre-disposing activity. 

Topics covered:
Topic 1 The Suicidal Crisis
Topic 2 Acute Management 
Topic 3 After the Attempt 
Topic 4 Bereaved by Suicide

Learning objectives:
By the completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • undertake a suicide risk assessment effectively;
  • develop a collaborative safety plan;
  • provide effective management following a suicide attempt.
Suited for
GP, GP Registrar

Date & time

Wed 12 June - Wed 12 June 2024
6:00pm - 9:00pm

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CPD Hours

This activity has been approved for the following hours and types:

2 Educational Activity hours
1 Reviewing Performance hour

Event organiser

Black Dog Institute