HealthPathways spotlight: important update to Hepatitis C Treatment in South Western Sydney

1st November 2017

In late 2016, a new range of antiviral treatments became available for the treatment of hepatitis C. These new treatments had higher success rates compared to previous interferon-based treatments and a substantially lower side effect profile.

Multiple treatment regimens were developed for each of the HCV genotypes. Most recently, a new regimen (Epclusa) has been released which is able to treat all genotypes and patients with cirrhosis.

As part of the rollout of these new medications, the prescribing rules changed so that GPs were able to prescribe these treatments to their patients instead of needing to refer to a specialist clinic. GPs who have demonstrated experience in treating HCV are able to prescribe without specialist review. For GPs who do not have demonstrated experience, a remote consultation process has been set up to allow for rapid treatment regimen review and sign-off for the general practitioner to commence treatment.

In South Western Sydney, GPs can fax through a remote consultation form to the Bankstown or Campbelltown hepatology clinics (out of area patients are accepted) or participate in Project Echo, a videoconferencing program with Liverpool Hospital.

HealthPathways has recently updated its Chronic Hepatitis C pathway to include the latest information on Epclusa and the genotype specific treatment regimens. Details for remote consultation as well as practice software templates of form are also available.

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