1st November 2017

The month of October marked the launch of the Quality Improvement in Primary Care (QIPC) program developed by SWSPHN especially for general practices. QIPC aims to support better health outcomes for patients. Your Practice Support Officers and the SWSPHN Quality Improvement team are committed to working with your practice and showing you how optimising your data can improve patient care and enhance business potential. More than 140 general practices in South Western Sydney are already taking part. For more information on how your practice can be involved, visit the QIPC webpage www.swsphn.com.au/qipc.

With the national My Health Record expansion rapidly approaching, it is important we help our patients to be able to share the most relevant and up-to-date information possible. Clean, up-to-date information sharing will improve communication between all health professionals involved in a patient’s care, which in turn will help to improve patient outcomes.

The QIPC program will also look at how to best manage patients with chronic illnesses. With a rapidly growing population it is important we are all educating our patients when we can and giving our patients the best care possible if they do develop a chronic illness. The SWSPHN Quality Improvement team can help you identify patients to be reviewed such as those indicated with a chronic disease based on their data in your system, but not yet diagnosed and ensuring diagnosed patients are receiving all the support needed to manage their condition.

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