Credentialed Mental Health Nurse Service

Ongoing therapeutic interventions and coordination of clinical services for those with severe and persistant mental illness

Eligibility: Enduring and complex mental illness over a long period that significantly impacts social, personal and work life

Services available: A team of Credentialed Mental Health Nurses across the South Western Sydney region will provide regular reviews, medication monitoring,, physical healthcare information and liaison with carers and relevant mental health support services as required

Referral pathways: Anyone can refer via central intake. A GP mental health treatment plan must be developed within one month of service commencement

Referral forms for this service can be found under Health Professionals > Practice Support > Forms and Templates

GPs can access the services through the Mental Health Central Intake number, and fax.

Mental Health Central Intake

Enquiries 1300 797 746 (1300 SWS PHN)

All referrals fax to 4623 1796